Renaming of "Receive Order" to "Receive ASAP Order"

To make the request purpose clearer and also to highlight the key difference from the "Receive Future Order" request, the "Receive Order" request is now called "Receive ASAP Order".


Currency symbols correction

Previously, the API documentation contained a few mistakes about the currency symbols that should be provided. In particular, Israeli shekel was referred as NIS, however, the expect value by the ISO standard is ILS.


Sections renaming

2 main sections of the documentation were renamed to ease the understanding.

Typo fix in Stop Point Actions API

Previously, the endpoint path of the Stop point action API contained /orders/ whereas the correct one is /order/


API methods name adjustments

To allow users to easier understand the differences between the Fleet Server and Fleet Client API methods more, we changed the names of a few methods to give a better idea of what they stand for.


API clarifications

Based on feedback from the partners, API documentation was updated, simplifying request names and better highlighting required values and the challenging parts of the API.


Bug fixes

Changes in the documentation fixing the wrong descriptions of the reason field in the Cancel, Reject Order and Un-assign requests. Changed type from object to string.
Partners that implemented this field as JSON object are suggested to switch to string to avoid the failing requests.


New functionalities added

A list of new features was introduced to the API documentation: