Quick overview of the API need

The Ride Exchange API allows partner Fleets to receive and manage Gett clients' jobs.
Please, note it's not a self-serve product and requires B2B pre-agreement to execute the partnership

Main API principles

The API consists of 2 parts:

  • Gett to Fleet (ex. Fleet Server API) – an asset of requests (webhooks) submitted by Gett server to a Fleet server, sending on-demand information about client actions or Gett server actions
  • Fleet to Gett (ex. Fleet Client API) – an asset of requests that Fleet submits to Gett to submit decisions or updates about orders processing and execution


API scoping

Contact the Gett team to define what exact requests and data in the payloads will be used in a particular partnership.
The API is highly customizable to meet a market's particular needs or service type, so it's required to define the requirements between the companies to sign off.


Below is a reference example of a standard integration between Gett and a partner, enabling the exchange of future orders and provision by the partner all key details back:

  • Order reservation (confirmation)
  • Driver assignment
  • In-ride updates about driver location and ride statuses
  • Order finalisation

Ride Exchange API is asynchronous to offer a Fleet sufficient time to process requests.

  • Fleet response to Fleet Server API request (except for Quotes and Driver picture) should only contain technical acknowledgment that request is received.
  • Whereas all business logic should be submitted via Fleet Client API calls.

Business decision timelines

Ride Exchange limits the time given for Fleet to submit a business decision about a new order.
From the moment of new order dispatch, Fleet is given X seconds to either accept or decline it (usually, within 30 seconds to Reserve/Reject a Future order and about up to 10 minutes for ASAP*).

If the fleet fails to respond within the given timeline, the offer will be cancelled by Ride Exchange and the Fleet will be notified about it.
Response timeout is being agreed upon between Gett and Fleet.