Used for Gett to query availability of the service, estimated time for driver arrival and estimated price (if Gett and supplier agree that supplier provides price).
As this request is very sensitive to present information to users, Gett expects supplier to respond within 5 seconds. High performance of this request is crucial.
Quote object inside quotes array represents parameters of a particular supplier. Each request is being sent for a specific service type. Supplier should return 1 quote if they own the service. Supplier may return 1 or more quotes if it aggregates multiple sub-fleets underneath (acts as a marketplace of suppliers).

Async flow is being considered as redundant, as it's not required to provide a response within 5 seconds! For integrations that already implemented it, it will remain supported.
This request is polling until returned status is FINISHED or 15 sec timeout is exceeded. The ID field in the request will contain ID returned in first response by partner. This is for continuous polling of quotes for same request every 3 seconds.

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